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Full Definition(s)
  • DB_DialogNPCs((INTEGER)_Inst, (CHARACTERGUID)_Actor, (INTEGER)_Slot)
  • DB_DialogPlayers((INTEGER)_Inst, (CHARACTERGUID)_Actor, (INTEGER)_Slot)

Whenever a dialog starts, all NPCs and players involved in this dialog instance _Inst will be collected in these databases. _Slot counts separately for players and NPCs from 1 to the number of players resp. NPCs involved in the dialog.

Actors added via DialogAddCharacter and DialogAddCharacterAt will also be added to these databases.

  • During the DialogEnded event, this database is still valid. The reason is that it gets removed in ZZZ_LastGoal story goal, and event handlers in goals get executed in the order corresponding to the alphabetical order of the goal names.
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