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Before we get into the weapon details I want to clarify very briefly how Weapons work in our engine and tackle some basic troubleshooting. This will hopefully shed some light on the reasons why things are done the way they are done.

The weapons setup consists of:

  • Dummy_<weaponname>: is the root of the weapon and used when a weapon is dropped in the world. It is also the root when a weapon is animated and uses a rig, such as a bow or crossbow.
  • Dummy_Attachment: used to attach the weapon to the equipment locators of a character.
  • Dummy_FX Dummy_FX1 Dummy_FX2 : used to add FX to a weapon.

To create and export weapons we are using 3ds Max.
Create a new layer for each weapon. Everything that will be in the layer will be exported into one granny file.

Here an example of dummy set-up in 3ds Max:


Here is how your hierarchy should look:


After you do the correct set-up you need to export your weapon to a granny file and set it up in the editor.

You can download the example weapon file here: Weapon example