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The editor allows you to create global, root or local templates of the following entity types:

  • TemplateType Item.png Items
    • TemplateType Item.png Interactable
      Interactible items are items that can be manipulated in game.
      Examples of interactible are armors, weapons, destructibles (such as barrels), loot containers (such as chests) and traps.
    • TemplateType Scenery.png Scenery
      Scenery items are items that are part of the static scenery in the game world, and are mainly used for decoration. The distinction between sceneries and interactibles exists for performance reasons, so it is recommended that you make sure item templates are the correct type.
      Examples of scenery items are tents, trees, pillars and rocks.
  • TemplateType Character.png Characters
    Characters are AI or player controlled entities such as animals, guards and vendors.
  • TemplateType Trigger.png Triggers
    Triggers are entities that effect an area. Triggers are commonly used for scripted events such as traps, but can be used for much more.
  • TemplateType Light.png Lights
    Lights are entities that emit light.
    • Point Light
      An entity that casts light in all directions
    • Spot Light
      An entity that casts light in one direction
  • TemplateType LightProbe.png Light Probes
    Light probes are used for global illumination.
  • TemplateType Prefab.png Prefabs
    A prefab is a collection of entities, and is used to speed up decoration.
  • TemplateType WallContruction.png Wall Construction
    A wall construction can be used to create houses and other structures.
  • TemplateType Decal.png Decals
    Decals are 2D textures that are projected onto 3D objects.
  • TemplateType Spline.png Splines
    Splines are sets of control points that can be followed by entities.
    Example uses for splines are cinematic camera movement and guard patrol paths.
  • TemplateType Dummy.png Dummies
  • TemplateType Projectile.png Projectiles
  • TemplateType Surface.png Surfaces
    Surface cell templates. Surfaces will spawn these entities where they are applied.
  • TemplateType Reference.png References
  • TemplateType LevelTemplate.png Level Templates
    Level templates are entities that stream other levels into your level. This is useful when working on larger levels and eliminates the need for zoning (load screens) in between areas.