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If you are not familiar with MediaWiki please take a look at the help pages or google to find more info.
If you are unsure on how to explain something, you can always take a look at other documentation of game engines/editors for inspiration.


You can use html codes to properly format your pages and text. Please restrict this only to the layout.
Do not start adding custom colors/themes etc. Users can switch to different themes on the wiki themselves and the content should therefore not specify colors.


Try to keep the wiki as consistent as possible. Look at other pages first before editing/adding your own. We don't want 50 different styles of writing and layouts.


When creating pages please keep the page name as simple and clear an possible, especially when creating pages directly from links.
Avoid long and unnecessary complex page names.

* [[Change skill, crafting and item requirements; and talent requirements]]
-> http://docs.larian.game/index.php/Change_skill,_crafting_and_item_requirements;_and_talent_requirements

* [[Stats requirements|Change skill, crafting and item requirements; and talent requirements]]
-> http://docs.larian.game/index.php/Stats_requirements

If you see pages with full sentences as names feel free to delete these and move the contents to a better suited page name.

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